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Nexus Vehicle Rental is launching a virtual reality (VR) platform in a first for the corporate rental industry.

Nexus is harnessing innovative VR technology which will be used with a bespoke mobile app as part of its increasingly digitally-driven marketing drive. A number of target customers will receive Nexus branded VR goggles and will be guided through a unique set of 360° environments showcasing Nexus’ revolutionary IRIS technology, set against the backdrop of a moving motorway.

The launch marks the latest in a run of tech driven marketing and service development initiatives by the business. To date, these have included its award-winning rental booking system which allows vehicles to be booked in under ten seconds, and its Management Information (MI) suite which allows customers to track rental trends and review costs in real time. Nexus' product development led to it being recognised as a finalist in the national Amazon Growing Business Awards this year.

David Brennan, CEO at Nexus Vehicle Rental, said: "We’ve invested in developing new virtual reality technology to show prospective customers we are at the forefront of innovation. We will be gauging the reaction to this campaign and will be rolling out further VR technology for use within our systems if it proves to be a success.

"Selected contacts will receive our Nexus VR goggles through which they can experience a virtual world and discover the improvements in efficiency and cost-savings they can make through choosing Nexus. For both us and the rental sector it's a completely new and different way of getting across key marketing messages and demonstrating we are more than just a rental provider."

With over 800 customers in the UK, Nexus is investing in new technology and branching into new areas of marketing in a bid to expand its customer base and enhance its credentials as a leading technology enabler for the vehicle rental industry.

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