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Short Term Rental

With Nexus, get access to over 500,000 rental vehicles in over 2,000 locations, with full flexibility for rentals up to 28 days.

Long Term Rental

Hire vehicles for over 28 days with the same flexibility as short term - save money with no upfront costs or leasing charges.

Adapted Vehicle Hire

With our own fleet of wheelchair accessible and adapted vehicles, we provide national coverage and flexibility on a range of vehicles.

Specialist Vehicle Hire

Access over 100,000 specialist and commercial vehicles, hire anything from a cherry picker to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Driver Licence Checking

Check all your drivers' licences with our easy-to-use online system. Get real time checks, notifications and e-consent when you need.

HGV Rental

We can supply a wide range of HGVs - with the widest network of HGVs in the UK now available.


Our Clients Say Great Things

Nexus Hub

Nexus picks up two Best Business Awards

Winner of Best Innovation and Best Customer Focus

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2 Awards
Nexus Rental recognised as Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer

At Nexus the apprenticeship route has really brought fresh thinking and diversity

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Top100 Apprenticeship Employer
Nexus Drives Industry First with Launch of Virtual Reality Platform

Welcome to the Nexus virtual reality experience!

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Xmas 2016 Times

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